When does the second payment process?

Your second payment will automatically process in 30 days, and any further payments will process every 30 days there after until you are fully paid. The membership is processed every 30 days as well. Our Billing Name is Drawn To The Truth.

You need to give us advance notice of 24 days so we can properly cancel your membership. You cannot cancel the course. If there are any charge backs, where you deny charges at the bank, you will be invoiced $150 plus outstanding bill. If it is not payed in 30 days in full you will be reported to the credit bureau because of your commitment.

If you do not pay an outstanding bill within two weeks, you will be locked out of your content. If it beyond the course subscription time you will have to pay full price. If you are late paying on the membership, and we lock you out at two weeks, you will be forfeiting rejoining for one year.