Workshops to Help You Increase Your Sales

Workshops to Help You Increase Your Sales

Create Clarity • Create Customers • Create Revenue

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Consult Your Business With Us

Consult Your Business With Us

We help you Increase Sales and Leadership Skills through Catholic Principles & Expert Business Strategies

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Leading Catholic Business Owner University

Leading Catholic Business Owner University

Training • Consultation • Coaching • Resources • Tech Tips

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Looking For a 100% Quality And Affordable Catholic Business…
1. Consultant, Trainer or Coach
2. Technology Assistant
3. Video Production/Editing Agent
4. Book Self-Publishing Agent
5. Website/LeadPage Designer
6. Copy Writer
7. Virtual Event Hosting
8. Social Media Management
9. Team Leadership Training
10. Virtual Retreats and Virtual Workshops
Or any other Catholic Business Owner Needs?

We help you increase Sales and Leaderships Skills.

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Catholic Business Owner…
Why you choose us for your next project?

We off audience and customer growth solutions for your business.

We help those Catholics who are starting, maintaining or scaling in business.

Bring to the table win-win business strategies with Catholic principles that increases your sales and leadership skills.

Social Media Management, Training, Coaching, and Consultation for Brick-and-Mortar, Professional Home Office and Stay-At-Home.

We have three different options to fit your budget, time and energy…
Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-With-Us, We-Do-It-For-You

Expert and Professional Strategies

We are an Award Winning Firm

Full Satisfaction Guarantee

40+ Streams of Revenue

Most up to date Technology and Solutions

Mult-Brands – Business Plan – Residual – Automation – Recurring – Monthly – Revenue

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1. Pre- Call Reviews Recorded – Social Media, Website, Business Plan

2. Call Overview and Schedule Second Call

3. Second Call is a Post Call Solutions and Plan of Action Emailed during Second Call so we can discuss together.

Consultations are USD 799

Why you choose us for your next project !

Bring to the table win-win Catholic Principles and Business Strategies to ensure an increase in sales and leadership skills. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal will evolve in your business that will give you more independence, time, energy and revenue so you can care for your loved ones without feeling stressed and or your team.

Our Experiences

Easy Way to Collaborate with our company…

is to schedule a Catholic Business Consultation to see

where we can lock arms and partnership in creating a

strategy plan to increase your sales and leadership skills.

40+ Years of Experience
200+ Business Consultations
31+ Strategies to increase your sales through online & offline

What our client says

We have increased sales and leadership skills at different stages of business from START-UPS with revenue not consistently $3,000 monthly, GROWING where they were reaching to meet $10,000 consistently monthly, and those SCALING who were working to increase over $100,000,000 annually.

I have always wanted my independence from a job, to be with my time, to bike, exercise, and write. I missed my family with long hours away. It was this moment when I could tuck my kids in bed or bike for hours that my life felt at peace. I am able to give time and money to Catholic organizations and attend Mass daily.

Chris Weekly

Chris Weekly

Design Lead

I was so overwhelmed, I was cut from my job. I had no place to go. But when I discovered Catholic Business Owner, I prayed and knew this was where I was supposed to go… I dived in and in just a short time I had created three streams of income on autopilot! Thank you for this because I am making more than I made in my last job and can take time out to be with my family.

Lee Thompson

Lee Thompson

Networking Lead

I was struggling as a professional, stay-at-home parent in figuring out how to start a business. I was deeply needing to support my husband through bringing in an income. Well, I am deeply excited how our life has transitioned! Catholic Business Owner has helped our family to have more time, energy and simplicity within our life. I highly recommend them!!! Blessings

Jessica Davison

Jessica Davison


I was 11 years in business and hit a plateau with increase sales. That is when I join Catholic Business Owner and created a subscription that has increases my income dramatically. I no longer have roller coasters month-to-month but more like a staircase going upwards consistently. Thanks!

Lisa Dixie

Lisa Dixie


I was struggling to Increase Sales and Now I am 60% increased in sales.Between the multiple ways of creating residual recurring monthly revenue, plus the high end sales and marketing training, I was able to transform my families life. I can not take my kids and wife on a vacation! Thank you.

James Johnson

James Johnson

Catholic Business Owner

Previous Clients – Projects – Partnerships

Great Business Experience comes
from partnerships…

Increase Your Sales & Leadership Skills

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Robert and Anna La Lande are experts in Catholic Business Ownership Skills, Social Teachings, Human Performance, Catholic Evangelization, and Catholic Healing Ministry

Robert and Anna La Lande have been Featured on EWTN Q&A and FOX.

They are experts in human performance pertaining to leadership, sales, and 20 dimensions in life.

Just scientifically proven principles along with Catholic principles to help you achieve a better life.

Anna has done work with many well known Catholic Companies as a Graphic Designer/Marketer/Printer and was awarded a National Gutenberg Award.

Robert has numerous customer nominated awards from Corporate Fortune 500.

They fostered 100+ troubled kids and now is raising money through this program to take in babies up for abortion.

They are both Corporate Certified Speakers, Spiritual Guiders and MentorCoaches as well are the first and only couples leadership team through St. Paul Street Evangelism. They have been trained in healing ministry through Encounter Ministries. They became certified in Human Performance to help increase sales and leadership skills. They are trained in Catholic Social Teachings for Business Ownership to teach others how to apply Catholic Teachings within business. As well, they have studied Theology of the Body and apply it within business. Over the last 10 years they have been mentored, trained and coached by multi-million-dollar business owners.

They have experienced multiple church rituals and cultures along with serving x-felons, addicts and very troubled marriages.

Both come from stories that rock a persons emotions but they have taken them and created a mission for the faith to save as many souls as they can