Robert and Anna La Lande are experts in Human Performance, Evangelization, and Healing Ministry

Robert and Anna Lalonde have been Featured on EWTN Q&A and FOX.

They are experts in human performance pertaining to leadership, sales, and 20 dimensions in life.

Just scientifically proven principles along with Catholic principles to help you achieve a better life.

Join Courageous Catholic Workshop Today and meet Anna who has done work with many well known Catholic Companies as a Graphic Designer/Marketer/Printer and was awarded a National Gutenberg Award.

Robert has numerous customer nominated awards from Corporate Fortune 500.

They fostered 100+ troubled kids and now is raising money through this program to take in babies up for abortion.

They are both Corporate Certified Speakers, Spiritual Guiders and MentorCoaches as well are the first and only couples leadership team through St. Paul Street Evangelism.

They have experienced multiple church rituals and cultures along with serving x-felons, addicts and very troubled marriages.

Both come from stories that rock a persons emotions but they have taken them and created a mission for the faith to save as many souls as they can.

There Personal Philosophy is wrapped around this process…