Increase Sales

Increase Sales – Online and Offline

Assist with setting up seven streams of income through residual recurring monthly income, automated passive income and launch style revenue while online and offline.

  1. Selling E-Books, Courses, Memberships, Subscriptions – online and offline
  2. Selling Speaking on Stages – Physical Stage, Media, Webinars, Podcasts, Livenars, Recording – online and offline
  3. Selling Sponsored Content and Ad Revenue – online and offline
  4. Increase Engagement and Productivity within a team or community – online and offline
  5. Selling Workshops, Retreats, Seminars, Masterminds – Online and Offline
  6. Selling Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales – online and offline
  7. Selling Physical Products, Services and Books – online and offline
  8. Selling 1-1 or Group Coaching, Consulting, Spiritual Direction or Instruction – online and offline

Increase Sales through Assessments that leads to Language Endurance Coaching.

80% of Increasing Sales and Leadership Skills comes through your inward and outward language and 20% comes through your practical and tactical skills.

Why Should I have….

  1. An E-Book for sale?
    It is easy to create and gives you monthly automated passive income and you get cut a check. It is a light taste of who you and are how you can solve their problem so they buy from you.
  2. A Course for sale?
    Because our society craves education and thus buys. Thus it is easy to create a course and put it up on automation, launch style and or scheduled. It creates a taste of what you are about so customers keep buying from you.
  3. A Membership?
    You get monthly revenue that keeps increasing as you promote. It allows you to stay consistently earning monthly income and it is easy to create. It creates a long-term relationship with customers to buy more from you.
  4. A Subscription?
    It usually is a “membership” to a physical product and or service that retail stores, mail orders, and services can create within their company to keep their customers returning.
  5. A Speech for On Stages?
    Because a 3 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 30 min and or 45 min speech can create massive sales as it is high credibility. Imagine a room of 100 people, you can get 80 of them to connect long-term after with you verses online it is 5% to 80%. But more will buy from you from an physical stage verses online.
  6. A Media interview, published Article, or being Quoted?
    It is automatic credibility that you can easily build-up which causes you have leverage that causes and increase in sales.
  7. A Website?
    Because you can monetize it through a blog, video blog or even just selling as it is your online home where you store your content. Do not store it on social media and use WordPress as the best option.
  8. A Webinar?
    You can use your webinar to sell ANYTHING on autopilot or launch style, but you need to have a sequence of conversations before and after to bring in the sales.
  9. A Podcast?
    If you have your own podcast, you can create leverage and sell through your podcast. You can also interview on podcasts and make and offer. Both ways give you high credibility but not nearly as high as getting in the media.
  10. An Email/Phone List?
    It is the money in your business. Your contacts that are regularly active in communications with you are those who will eventually buy from you.
  11. A Livenar?
    Is a live video social media event that you are able to sell from and create income as long as you have the right audience and or paid advertising. It can be more profitable than a Webinar because of the communications opportunity.
  12. A Recorded Video?
    Recorded Videos are forever content that brings in automatic recurring revenue and is a must have in our present society today.
  13. An Ad Revenue?
    You sponsor people with advertisement space on your website or social media brings in extra revenue monthly on automation.
  14. A Sponsored Content?
    You create content about a product or service and get paid for promoting someones products or services in a video, blog, vlog, and on social media.
  15. A Workshop?
    You gain great credibility with the longer time you are with your audience and it allows you to sell at a higher price point.
  16. A Retreat?
    Helps you serve your audience with rest and relaxation, it helps them to focus and be present with God. It helps them greatly which will benefit an increase in sales.
  17. A Seminar?
    You are collaborating with others which helps you gain connections with their audience and increase your audience very quickly.
  18. A Mastermind?
    Because it is a very high priced service where you can many stay with you over the years within a Mastermind.
  19. An Affiliate Marketer?
    Is one who has products or services they get paid for on commission if someone buys under you. This is not Direct Sales, MLM or Network Marketing.
  20. A Direct Sales?
    It is a blessing for those starting out in business to learn how business works in getting sales. It also is a great long-term way of serving an audience and increasing your sales.
  21. A Physical Product?
    Either you buy and resell or you create and sell is great because they are easy to sell on different online sites. It can be a form of Recurring Residual Income.
  22. A Service?
    This is a professional service where you are doing something for someone and you can monetize this by value stacking or creating packages along with it can become Recurring Residual Income.
  23. A Physical Book?
    This is a Recurring Residual Income because it is created once and you get paid each month on self-published or quarterly on royalties. It is great Auto-pilot way of earning revenue.
  24. One-On-One Coaching?
    Is where you are serving one person at a time, this is a high priced service and you only one five clients like this at one time which can give you a full-time revenue.
  25. Group Coaching?
    Because it is very profitable as you can keep growing your revenue with the more people you place within a group and serve. It is Recurring Monthly Income.
  26. Consulting?
    It is a very high priced service that allows you to have a short or long term relationship with a customer that leads into a larger sale that can be recurring revenue.
  27. Spiritual Direction?
    It is not for everyone, but is is a way of serving your audience. There are certifications to be considered under the church as well if you naturally come with a background you can do this. It can be in a one-on-one or group setting based on your approach.
  28. Instruction Format?
    A way of teaching or training others that can be through live or recorded videos and even in person. It can be a form of recurring income or even automated residual income.
  29. Engagement?
    Without an engaged audience, you will not sell. You must know how to engage your audience and get them talking as well you and your team must be engaged in your workspace to get the audience engaged.
  30. Productivity?
    Because you need to be able to flow through your day and achieve results by doing “money making” activities and not wasting your time. It is necessary to increase your sales.
  31. Language Endurance?
    You need to have your principles, character and plan to keep you out of the negativity and roller coaster that business owners go through.